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All You Need To Know About File Storage Boxes

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A storage file box or a simple storage box is, as the name suggests, a box that is mainly used for storing files and documents but can also be used to store other things. Whether you just got a promotion that blessed you with a bigger office or decided to quit your job and have to clear up your desk, you need something to store your things in for a safer transfer.


Types Of Storage File Boxes

File storage boxes are the knights in shining armors when it comes to storing things and can be availed from the market in any type or size. They’re not only easy to carry but also good to look at. Storage file boxes come in a variety of designs and materials. Let’s get to know how many types of storage file boxes are actually there and what they have to offer.


  1. Cardboard File Storage Boxes

This is the most common and affordable type of file storage boxes. They’re quite dependable and almost perfect for moving stuff from one place to another. However, they run the risk of being ripped on contact with rough surfaces. In addition to this, they’re not water proof. Hence, the slightest contact with water could ruin your storage boxes along with the things packed inside.


  1. Plastic Storage File Boxes

Plastic storage boxes are the ultimate and long-term solution for your storage needs. They’re not only stronger and more durable than the standard cardboard storage boxes but also not vulnerable to water, i.e., any contact of the storage box won’t put its contents at the risk of being damaged unless the box is not shut tight or is broken. However, convenience comes at a cost, i.e., these boxes aren’t just better than cardboard file storage boxes, they also cost more than a standard cardboard storage box.


  1. Wooden File Storage Boxes

Here’s another type of file storage boxes that’s even stronger than a plastic storage box. They’re not only stronger but also quite expensive and might come in numerous designs. These storage boxes can last for decades if handled with care but they’re vulnerable to moisture, fire and such other climate changes. And sometimes, with the passage of time, the wood tends to deteriorate and might even get infected with termites. This could put your belongings at risk as well. Furthermore, wooden storage boxes are quite heavy when compared to other kinds of file storage.


  1. Metal Storage Boxes

Metal Storage boxes are not only lighter but also quite economical when compared with wooden storage boxes. These storage boxes can also last for years and won’t really get affected by rougher handling. Even so, they tend to rust over time. Especially if they’ve been exposed to moisture or rains on a continuous basis, you can expect them to show their “colors” (pun intended).


  1. Decorative Storage Boxes

Now, decorative type of storage boxes is quite fragile but it’s very easy on the eyes. These storage boxes might be able to handle the normal weight of files but can’t be used for heavier objects.


Final Verdict

Your choice of a storage box mainly depends on the purpose behind the storage as well as the size, weight and nature the things you want to store in them. It also depends on how much you are willing to pay for it. The best option, under normal circumstances, would be to go for plastic storage boxes as they’re not only cost-effective but also quite dependable. They will not get rust or deteriorate over time unless you throw them hard enough. They won’t break either. Plus, they’re available in many colors.

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